Top Tools: Note Taking and management

Nothing assists with project work more than having a good grip on your note-taking, and the discipline to create and manage them. Now, I don’t know about you, but I really struggle with working memory and forgetfulness, so having a good note-taking solution is critical to my getting to the end of any complex task, …

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Retrofitting a Lenovo T520 with a Raspberry Pi CM4 – Part 1

I was looking around the storage rack in my main workshop when I stumbled upon an old Lenovo laptop, specifically a T520 model. These are nicely made solid machines, rather hefty but nice to use. The keyboard and trackpoint are great, and the screen is OK as well. This got me thinking; I have two …

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Xuron 9110f

New Cutters Day

Super quick update to extol the virtues of some very good value side cutters I bought recently on a tip. Thanks to the Hackaday Circuit Sculpture remoticon workshop, when Mohit Bhoite was showing off his tools and mentioned these. In short, Xuron makes an excellent range of cutting tools, coming in a variety of shapes …

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VisualMicro: An Arduino IDE that doesn’t suck

Occasionally I get asked to build or modify boxes or prototyping platforms using open-source or off-the-shelf components. There are multiple reasons to do this: Sometimes a client wants to get more hands-on, so I get them started with a platform that works, then they take over from there. IDEs that suck Some integrated development environments …

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Repurposing a video distribution amplifier – part 1

Lots of timing-type instruments, such as frequency counters, AWGs, and oscilloscopes have the option to be tied to an external frequency reference, most commonly 10 MHz. This enables the correlation of measurements from different instruments, as well as vastly improving their accuracy and repeatability. Impedance and Termination It is useful at this point to mention …

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DIY workbench

Workshop Update

I’ve taken the opportunity during the latest COVID-19 lockdowns to shutdown my main workshop and rebuild from the ground up. The storage rack is in, and is quite full of all my parts, projects and tools. This worked out well. The next area of concern is my working space. My previous two workbenches were too …

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It’s been too long

I’ve been quiet. Very quiet. Building a business, caring for foster children, and other boring life things are all taking my time and energy. But I’m back, and I’m ready for some more action. I’ve got a tonne of ideas for projects, builds that need completing and ideas for articles and guides, even an eBook …

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Fixing the laser cutter

Southampton Makerspace hosts a large A0-bed industrial laser cutter (An Epilog Legend 36EXT) that we bought a couple of years back from a company up in Farnborough. We spent quite a lot of our member’s money on this machine, and we’re quite precious about it, especially regards maintenance. This isn’t the usual ‘hackerspace laser’ This …

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Electronics Design Service

Electronic Design Services

My company Sobuildit Limited offers Electronic Design Services to other businesses and individuals. I will make a free quotation after discussing your technical needs, even if an NDA is needed – that is no problem! Located in Hythe, Hampshire in the UK I cover the local area and surrounding cities with a personal service. I’m …

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