Workshop Update

I’ve taken the opportunity during the latest COVID-19 lockdowns to shutdown my main workshop and rebuild from the ground up. The storage rack is in, and is quite full of all my parts, projects and tools.

This worked out well.

The next area of concern is my working space. My previous two workbenches were too small, too low and wobbly. So they’re gone.

The area of the bench marked out with masking tape

In their place is an L-shaped two-level bench, with the correct 900mm working height. In an ideal world, they would have been 900mm deep too, but I just couldn’t spare the floor area, so 600m was the compromise.

This was also a good move, as 600mm is the standard for kitchen worktops, so lots of pre-cut working surfaces are available off-the-shelf. That saved money, which is very tight with my having very little work on at the moment.

L-Bench top view, 2 x 2m by 600mm
Plenty of storage space below

The next steps are to work on the upper level storage and racking, by building wall-mounted units to house test equipment and commonly used tools.