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Quad-monitor floor stand
Desks are wasteful things – they collect junk and waste precious space with their fixed shape and hard-to-move bulkiness. Why not just hang some monitors on a stand, and get a nice comfortable chair? I’ll worry about the keyboard rest another day. I do a lot of CAD work as an electronics designer and was …

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DaveNAS / OpenMediaVault
I needed to replace my aging NAS with something a little more modern and hackable. My old system was born out of need – I built something from parts I had lying around – an old laptop running NAS4FREE and a few external drives for data. I spent nothing but a little time. It was …

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Storage/Computer Rack
When working from a small space, it’s always a challenge to make the best use of every inch of it. During lockdown in the middle of 2020, I decided to gut my whole workshop and store everything in my second shop. I took lots of measurements and started to sketch out ideas to best make …

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Projects not listed above are still under heavy or early development and will be detailed in the blog.

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Xuron 9110f

New Cutters Day

Super quick update to extol the virtues of some very good value side cutters I…

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PCB Reflow Toaster

Pretty much anybody who does electronics prototyping needs to master reflow soldering at some point….

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DIY workbench

Workshop Update

I’ve taken the opportunity during the latest COVID-19 lockdowns to shutdown my main workshop and…

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It’s been too long

I’ve been quiet. Very quiet. Building a business, caring for foster children, and other boring…

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Building a Hackerspace

Unit F, Liner’s Industrial Estate, Pitt Road, Southampton Our Hackerspace, So Make It (Southampton Makerspace)…

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