Project Status

The spreadsheet view below is a live update of the status of my projects. Links in the menu will take you to details for specific projects as they are written up.

Next tasks
Depends on
Lenovo T530 CM4 motherboardPile-of-partsVolume estimation, board outline
DaveNASDeployedUPS integrationbackup machine
Quad floor-standing monitorsTestingKeyboard resttime
Prusa i3 printer rebuild + enclosureIn progressPrint cooler designtime
K40 laser cutter rebuildIn progressMotion control, HV safety, Cooling looptime
AR sandboxIn progressProjector setup, dummy system caltime
GeekBoxPile-of-partsInternal frame design
Reflow OvenPile-of-partsSimplify design, make standalone
Word WatchPCB DesignPart placementtime
VP722 ConversionIn progressComplete internals redesign
Fume ExtractorPile-of-partsLocate filter media

Project Pages

Quad-monitor floor stand
Desks are wasteful things – they collect junk and waste precious space with their fixed shape and hard-to-move bulkiness. Why not just hang some monitors on a stand, and get a nice comfortable chair? I’ll worry about the keyboard rest another day. I do a lot of CAD work as an electronics designer, and was …

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Prusa i3 rebuild
<build log stub>
So what is it? This project was born out of some sort of necessity, deep in me somewhere. I tried to get Project Omega (a configurable card-based electronics platform) off the ground, but the current open source compatible FPGAs were proving just too minimal to be sufficiently useful and I shelved the project until the …

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DaveNAS / OpenMediaVault
I needed to replace my ageing NAS with something a little more modern and hackable. My old system was born out of need – I built something from parts I had lying around – an old laptop running NAS4FREE and a few external drives for data. I spent nothing but a little time. It was …

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Storage/Computer Rack
When working from a small space, its always a challenge to make best use of every inch of it. During lockdown in the middle of 2020, I decided to gut my whole workshop and store everything in my second shop. I took lots of measurements and started to sketch out ideas to best make use …

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Projects not listed above are still under heavy or early development, and will be detailed in the blog.

Latest Blog Entries

Minecraft Castle Build

Despite being like really old (43!) according to the kids, I still know far more than them about Minecraft. I’m a foster carer and believe …
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Xuron 9110f

New Cutters Day

Super quick update to extol the virtues of some very good value side cutters I bought recently on a tip. Thanks to the Hackaday Circuit …
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PCB Reflow Toaster

Pretty much anybody who does electronics prototyping needs to master reflow soldering at some point. There are a few ways to do it. The simplest …
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K40 Laser Conversion

I picked up a Chinese K40 laser cutter a few years back. I had a little play with it, decided the software was abysmal, the …
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DIY workbench

Workshop Update

I’ve taken the opportunity during the latest COVID-19 lockdowns to shutdown my main workshop and rebuild from the ground up. The storage rack is in, …
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Fixed Layout Prototyping

I was thinking about prototyping electronics again, as I often do, and I was wondering about what might be optimal (as in most flexible) for …
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It’s been too long

I’ve been quiet. Very quiet. Building a business, caring for foster children, and other boring life things are all taking my time and energy. But …
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Fixing the laser cutter

Southampton Makerspace hosts a large A0 bed industrial laser cutter (An Epilog Legend 36EXT) that we bought a couple of years back from a company …
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Building a Hackerspace

Unit F, Liner’s Industrial Estate, Pitt Road, Southampton Our Hackerspace, So Make It (Southampton Makerspace) was located in Unit K6 on the same industrial estate as …
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Electronics Design Service

Electronic Design Services

My company Sobuildit Limited offers Electronic Design Services to other businesses and individuals. I will make a free quotation after discussing your technical needs, even …
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