I needed to replace my ageing NAS with something a little more modern and hackable. My old system was born out of need – I built something from parts I had lying around – an old laptop running NAS4FREE and a few external drives for data. I spent nothing but a little time. It was

So what is it? This project was born out of some sort of necessity, deep in me somewhere. I tried to get Project Omega (a configurable card-based electronics platform) off the ground, but the current open source compatible FPGAs were proving just too minimal to be sufficiently useful and I shelved the project until the

I do a lot of CAD work as an electronics designer, and was feeling that even a dual-monitor setup was just not quite good enough. Couple that with some annoying repetitive strain injuries that I’ve been collecting over the years, and I decided that ditching the desk might be helpful too. Desks are wasteful things