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Update 29 Sept 2016

I Changed a few links and added separate design and retail website links

So, the big “R”. Redundancy. It will happen to every engineer eventually, no matter how good you are, how pleased your boss is with your performance, or much cash you saved them with your last design change. Sometimes, you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you’re just one row in a spreadsheet analyzing the cost savings of a particular scenario in the mind of some faceless manager somewhere else in the world.

Sometimes you’re only a single cell.

So rather than just spending my time playing the soul destroying game that is job hunting in the UK – writing CVs targeted to fake jobs pushed by recruiters only interested in getting your CV on file – I did the only obvious thing and created my own company.

I truly believe that the only way to be secure and free from external influences is to work for yourself, or at least in a tight group.

Since my career so far has been quite varied. I started with embedded software for a few years, working with prototype digital TVs in the early 2000s which was fun while it lasted. I dodged the big “R” the first time, and moved on to the next stage; Semiconductor manufacturing. A tonne of training and a quick change of company later, and I’m in the IC test development game. A few years of hardware and software design later, and another jump – to digital IC design. With a tonne of experience gained in embedded software, digital circuit design, microcontrollers, FPGAs, PCBs and all that good stuff, I feel very much able to handle working on projects by myself. So when I got the final push out into the real world, it was just a matter of learning about building a company and a brand.

This was not so easy. But I completed it, and So build it was born. The company has two halves; Retail and Design services.

The first is my retail site, running on the fantastic Shopify platform and I’m very pleased with it’s performance. It links to eBay sales via the InkFrog app plugin, and syncronises stock across the two platforms, whilst giving consistent looking listings.


The second part is design services. I offer electronics design covering all aspects of product design:

  • Idea and specification / requirements capture
  • Spice modelling
  • Schematic concept and prototype design
  • PCB layout for prototyping and production
  • Component specification and selection
  • Hand assembly and rework of prototypes; SMD and double-sided no problem!
  • Firmware/Embedded programming
  • Evaluation rig design and test programming
  • Technical / report writing

Design services: design.sobuildit.com

If you would like to work with me, you can contact me on my company email: [email protected]




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